Anesthesiology And Reanimation Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 27 January 2014 , by angga


  1. Improve the capabilities and competitiveness of institutions so that they can compete at national and international level
  2. Increasing the quantity and quality of graduates, research and publications and community service that ensure patient safety in the field of Medicine anesthesia that has national and international competitiveness
  3. Improve the ability of entrepreneurship and managerial organization and graduates so that they can compete and beneficial to the development of science, technology and humanity
  4. Promote the expansion and equitable access to educational services, research and service to society
  5. Build community empowerment centers in the fields of medicine, health, health management and application of education and research to give effect to the quality of life of the society.
  6. Improving the quality of implementation of education, research and community service in accordance with the needs of society and global competition
  7. Implement a quality assurance system, excellent service academic governance as an integral part of management systems and organizational culture to ensure continuous quality improvement and accountability of institutions
  8. Doing structuring the organization and infrastructure Studies Program Faculty of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, University of Brawijaya to encourage independence in the management and development of human resources
  9. Improve equalization quantity and quality of teachers and education through the development of carrier systems development path (talent management) supported a comprehensive performance management system
  10. Build a culture, infrastructure, human resource capabilities and information systems to support the performance and independence of the institution
  11. Build a culture of academic and cultural organizations to create a climate of job, performance and well-being of staff as part of the organization’s performance



1. Education:

The achievement of international recognition in stages in accordance with the development program of study in the field of anesthesia in a variety of medical problems

2. Research:

Expansion and development of a roadmap towards translational research so as to respond to the challenges and needs of the community through the creation of science and technology in medicine in the field of anesthesia

3. Community Service.

Increased expediency and corporate social responsibility Study Program Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy FKUB on the surrounding community, national and global according to the results of research and education programs