Surgery Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 16 November 2014 , by bedah.ppds

As the forerunner of education Surgeons in Malang , then since 1960 in the Hospital Tjelaket ( now dr . Saiful Anwar ) Malang , has been pioneered by the late dr . Gilbert Djauhar.Pendidikan surgeon at that time there were no regulations governing the educational skills , so that education ” profession ” is more dependent on behalf of teachers , not the institution. Has produced two (2 ) surgeon , dr . Tedja Sindharta in 1967 and dr . Muh . Anwar in 1971. The Association of Surgeons of Indonesia as a surgeon in Indonesian organizations feel compelled to fix the skills education throughout Indonesia . Thus formed the College which aims to standardize the education . The first step is to conduct a national exam for prospective surgeons throughout Indonesia for the next period . through tests, produced graduates : – dr . Widanto Hardjowasito graduated in 1973 , with the educated ” finishing touch ” at the Faculty of Medicine , University of Indonesia for one year in advance . – Dr . Martopo Marnadi graduated in 1974 , with the educated ” finishing touch ” at the Medical Faculty of Diponegoro University for one year in advance . – Dr . Anung Wibowo graduated in 1977 , after a ” finishing touch ” at Airlangga University for 2 years . In 1978 was published a catalog of Education Surgeons throughout Indonesia by the Consortium Health Science / Department of Education for all educational centers in Indonesia . This was followed up with a visitation held in all educational centers , including FK UB / Hospital dr.Saiful Anwar Malang. At the time of surgery was determined that dr.Saiful Anwar Hospital / FK UB Malang designated as a preliminary study for five semesters ( of nine semester of education ) , which further education could be implemented in other centers were selected . From the results of the preliminary study , have been produced : – 2 surgeons – finishing education at the Faculty of Medicine , University of Indonesia – 10 surgeons – finishing education at the Faculty of Medicine , University of Airlangga After a consortium of Health Sciences held a visitation again at the beginning of 1991 , it was finally released from the Director General of Education high Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 45 / Higher Education / Kep / 1991 dated July 29, 1991 , which decided to form Surgical Science Program in Medical Education Program Specialist I ( PPDS I ) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya . Means that since the existence of the decree , we can fully educate program participants . At that time there were three participants of the program , where we give you the opportunity to choose to continue education in Malang or in Surabaya . Two participants chose to Surabaya , while one participant ( dr . Wisnubroto ) still want to continue their education in Malang . Alhamdulillah , after undergoing a national examination dated October 29, 1994 in which the test team headed by the Chairman of the College itself is Dr.Surarso Hardjowasito of Jakarta , dr.Wisnubroto has successfully passed well .