History of Specialist Medical Education Program in Fakulty of Medical Brawijaya University (UB)

Medical Education Program Specialist in FKUB starts with given tasks to dr . Gilbert Djohar, DSB to educate candidates surgeon by way of an intern doctors practitioners working in the Surgical Saiful Anwar General Hospital of Malang , so the recognition of dr . Tedja Sindharta in 1967 and dr. Muh. Anwar in 1971 as surgeon, and then three (3) general practitioner who has worked at the Surgery RSSA schooled for finishing touch to follow Surgical specialists in greater educational institutions such as Faculty of Medicine Indonesia University, Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University, Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University.
Starting in 1978 began efforts to set up courses Surgery specialist in Fakulty of Medicine UB by decree No: 045 /Dikti/Kep/1991 dated July 29, 1991 , was unveiled in Fakulty of Medicine UB the Surgery specialist Program.

Then followed by another Medical Education Program Specialist, and the among others:
  1. Clinical Pathology on 1998
  2. Internist Medical Doctor on 1998
  3. Pulmonology & respiratory medicine on 1998
  4. Obstetrics & Gynecology on 1999
  5. Opthalmology on 2004
  6. Ear,nouse, throat and neck surgery on 2004
  7. Pediatrics on 2008
  8. Radiology on 2009
  9. Orthopaedic and Traumatology on 2009
  10. Neurology on  2010
  11. Anesthesi & Intensive Care on 2010
  12. Health Sciences Dermatology & Venereology on 2010
  13. Emergency Medicine
  14. Cardiology and Vascular Medicine on 2010
  15. Urology on 2013
  16. Pathology Anatomy on 2016
  17. Mikrobiology Clinic

And the new Specialist Medical Studies program in the near future will be established
  1. Psychiatry 
  2. Forensic science specialists
  3. Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Besides being piloted also Sub specialist / consultant
Obstetrics & Gynecology Division
1. Social Obstetrics
2. Fertility Reproductive Endocrinology
v  Surgery
1. Digestive Surgery
2. Surgical Oncology
v  Internist Medical Doctor
1. Rheumatology
2. Gastroentero Hepatology
3. Endocrinology
4. Tropical / Infection