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Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 11 January 2014 , by angga
Organizational Structure

Management system Specialist Physician Education Program refers to the standard structure in FKUB where Prodi led by the chairman of the program and is assisted by the Secretary of the Program, with the main task of each as follows :
Chairman of the Coordination Implementation Specialist Medical Education Program I served as the leader and the main responsible administration and development Medical Education Program Specialist with the main task to coordinate all the activities of both academic and non - academic , both within the study program , other relevant agencies and the public at large and to report to the Dean .
Vice Chairman of the Coordination Implementation Specialist Medical Education Program served served as the assistant head of the program in the administration and development Medical Education Program Specialist.
Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Coordination Implementation Specialist Medical Education Program is also assisted by a coordinator administrative staff to coordinate and monitor all administrative staff both at the Coordination Implementation Specialist Medical Education Program and all the administrative staff in a laboratory environment related, entire educational staff covering numerous tasks and responsibilities in education from enrollment to graduation students graduate
 In the period of tenure of 2013 the organizational structure of the scene PPDS has been divided into three areas of management , the academic and co-operation , finance and general field supplies & Information Technology which has the functions and duties include:
Academic Affairs & Cooperation
• Designing a system of admissions
• coordinating and conducting a selection until the reported admissions
• Conduct pre- education student specialists , Lectures General Basic Courses and Orientation
• Monitor and report progress of active student study
• Report student who has completed studies of all study programs and organize graduation and student induction
• Coordinate the receipt of the adjustment experience ( adaptation ) foreign medical graduates
• Propose cooperation with agencies / institutions
• To coordinate with the Chairman of the Program in the educational process of students
• Assist the Dean in designing , developing and implementing a program of cooperation with third parties , especially in the development of quality education and utilization of health personnel to the society especially lagging Regions , borders and conflict-prone .
• Dealing with a wide range of academic problems faced by students .
• In carrying out the task in the field of Academic Coordination Team Leader Education Program Specialist Physician assisted by two administrative staff

2. Finance
• Prepare and make the budget document organizing courses according to a set schedule faculty .
• Receive , Record , recapitalize and make payment outflow / incoming funds and taxes payable
• Coordinate the entire financial administration staff in the Education Program Specialist Medical related in terms of implementing the use of the administrative budget to support activities both academic and non - academic .
• Make use of budget accountability report
• Coordinate with the staff of the Faculty / University of recapitulation fund registration / re-registration .
• Assist the head of the study program in designing , developing and conducting community service cooperation , particularly in the organization of special assignments for health services in the area of ??assignment .
• In carrying out the duties in the finance chairman of the scene PPDS I was helped by two administrative staff

3. Public Affairs & Information Technology Equipment
• Perform circulation correspondence information via the website , courier , and other media .
• Implement functionality archiving / storage and maintenance of documents , facilities and infrastructure appropriate national standards
• Supervise the use of classrooms and educational tools , tools Work , electricity , internet network
• Maintenance of educational tools , tools Work , electricity , internet network .
• Plan and design efforts to socialize the program to outsiders , especially through websites , Brochures , Banners , booklets and other information media .
• Monitor and prepare for the use of transportation office