Duty & Function

Functionality & Purpose


  • Functionality
  1. Coordinate the process of education specialists that involved three stakeholders, the Collegium as a determinant of competence and curriculum , UB as an educational institution whose role is to run the trust laws of the National Education System , Teaching Hospital as a place of learning and a vehicle for achieving competence and quality standards of education .
  2. Ensure the achievement of good stages of the educational process in all areas ranging from infrastructure , the candidate selection process of students, maintain the quality of the educational process , until the graduation process . ensure that all stakeholders in the educational process should be able to carry out their functions in a safe, comfortable and meet the standard of good governance and disciplined .
  3. Ensure the achievement of quality education output as a specialist physician Healt Provider that will be required in the field, Health Care, Education, Research, and to improve the status, dignity and increase the wealth of specialist education graduates UB Fakulty of Medicine.


Purpose of Education

The general objective of education specialists that produce graduates who :

1.   Have a sense of responsibility in the practice of Medicine and Health Sciences in accordance with government policies based on Pancasila .

2.   Mastering a broad and deep knowledge in the field and have the skill , and a good attitude so that could understand and practice in solving the problem – the problem of Medicine and Health scientifically and can apply it to the public in accordance with the medical field optimally with regard norms – norms and ethics.

3.   Ability to determine , plan and carry out research independently and develop the level of academic higher science .

4.   Able to donate personal attitudes in accordance with the ethics of science and professional ethics.