Popular Scientific Lecture of the Department of Child Health FKUB / RSSA Malang “ASI and MPASI for Genius Generation”

Seminar ASI dan MPASI

Babies are the first stage of a human life after being born from the mother’s womb. Exclusive breastfeeding is the first step for babies to develop optimally. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report says that breastfeeding is associated with a reduced risk of otitis media, diarrhea, lower respiratory tract infections, and necrotizing enterocolitis.
Public knowledge about exclusive breastfeeding is still very lacking, for example giving solid foods such as mashed rice or bananas that are too fast or replacing breast milk with honey, sugar, butter, water or other foods because breast milk does not come out or is not enough. Another problem that often occurs is the management of breast milk for working mothers and other complex breastfeeding problems.
Increasing baby’s age also increases nutritional needs. When babies enter the age of 6 months and above, some nutritional elements such as carbohydrates, proteins, and some vitamins and minerals contained in breast milk or formula milk are no longer sufficient. Therefore, since the age of 6 months, babies are given complementary foods for breast milk (MP ASI) so that the baby’s needs are met. In the provision of MP ASI, frequency of portions, selection of food ingredients, method of making and the method of administration. Besides that, it is also necessary to pay attention to feeding when the baby is sick and if the mother works outside the home.
Some problems with providing complementary breastfeeding (MP ASI) include giving MP ASI too early or too late, MP ASI given is not enough, the frequency of giving MP ASI is less, the priority of malnutrition in the family.
The Department of Child Health and IDAI East Java branch of V Malang held a popular scientific lecture on breastfeeding and MP ASI as well as various problems to increase public knowledge and awareness about the development and problems of breastfeeding and MP ASI in preparing for optimal baby growth. The event titled CIP (Popular Scientific Lecture) was held at Graha Medika, Brawijaya University Medical Faculty, 7 October 2018. The enthusiasm of the parents, both men and women, was very high. Evidently this event was attended by hundreds of men and women in the city and outside the city of Malang.