Controlling the Negative Impact of Pornography on Children with a KALIGRAFI Program

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The case of pornography in children is indeed very worrying. Not only about the effects and negative effects, cases of sexual violence in children are also increasing.
Information disclosure due to the widespread use of the internet is only one of the main factors. The other is the indifference of parents in terms of care and development of the child itself.
The behavior of elementary school children who are negatively affected by pornography is usually more quickly recognized by their teachers in school. This was said by dr. Ariani, M.Kes., Sp.A(K) from the Division of Growth and Development of the Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University as the supervisor of the KALIGRAFI Team. Dr. Ariani also said that she had met her child friends in elementary school demonstrating scenes that led to pornography, even though it was considered a mere joke.
Therefore, in addition to the full attention of parents, the role of elementary school teachers is also important in keeping their students from being negatively affected by pornography. On the basis of case studies and a series of pornography cases on children which are widely reported in the mass media, Dinda and his friends created a special program in an effort to reduce the negative influence of pornography on students with antipornographic detection and development of students’ motoric potential.
In collaboration with the Malang City Education Office, the results of the implementation of the KALIGRAFI Program were then distributed to elementary school teachers in the KALIGRAFI Program Training for Elementary School Teachers in Malang City, which was held at the Malang Education Office Hall on Saturday (10/27/2018 ) morning.
The KALIGRAFI Team consists of 7 students across faculties and universities. They are Rafri Dinda Berbudi Mulia (Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University) Athifah Rosi Widiyani (Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Brawijaya University), Indra Fahrizal (Faculty of Computer Science, Brawijaya University), Abdullah Bakhrudinsyah KW (Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University), Sabil Prihastomo Seputro (Faculty of Computer Science Brawijaya University), Adhelia Rochmatika (Faculty of Psychology , State University of Malang) and Yan Ruziqa (Faculty of Computer Science, Brawijaya University). Two supervisors accompanied the students in making the KALIGRAFI method, namely dr. Ariani, M.Kes, Sp.A(K) and dr. Prasetya Ismail, M.Biomed, Sp.A, both from the Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University Malang.
What is the KALIGRAFI program like?
Basically this program is carried out in three sessions of activities. The first is Pre test and grouping, teaching and mentoring, as well as monitoring and post test.
In the pre-test session, cadres (method implementers) did it in two ways, namely using a digital application (game / game software independently developed by the KALIGRAFI team) and then supplemented by interviews with parents and children.
This pre test is done by giving multiple choice questions in the form of game games, each of which has a weighting rating. While oral interviews aimed to determine children’s behavior and study grouping of motoric potential interests. The results of the pre test are then combined with the results of oral interviews to find out the behavior that describes the child has been shown to be exposed to pornography.
In the teaching and mentoring session, there are two things that need to be done. Namely the delivery of material and integrated training. The material given to students includes religion deepening, sexual education (for elementary school children) and healthy internet use.
While integrated training is given with the aim to hone the motoric potential of each student. This needs to be done so that students can maximize their potential without having to be influenced by pornography. In other words, the more motoric activity in accordance with the child’s potential, the sooner children will forget the pornography problems they may have received in their daily interactions. This integrated exercise includes fine (drawing) motoric activity and roughness (self protection).
Especially for self-protection, children must be introduced early about which touch is permissible and which touch is not allowed.
That is, touch may be someone’s touch on the child’s head, hands and feet. While the touch should not be a touch made on parts of the body covered in clothes or underwear. In addition, children must also be given an understanding, that if there is something that touches, whoever it is, if it causes discomfort, it includes a touch that is not allowed.
This mentoring session is also used to train students in terms of speaking ability, which includes self description and description of the environment. In self-description, a child is expected to be able to recognize their identity which includes aspects of self-knowledge, aspects of self-expectations and aspects of self-assessment. Whereas what is meant by environmental description is about things that can be used as a media for accessing pornography such as devices, the internet, the surrounding environment and the social community.
The last material of this mentoring session is in the form of elaboration of thoughts. Students are invited to learn to discuss issues / cases that they have (had) experienced. The process of discussion is important so that students can learn to think critically, creatively and scientifically. The discussion process was then closed with self reflection material in the form of fun games.
After the teaching and mentoring process was completed, the KALIGRAFI team then carried out monitoring by doing a post test and interview again. Post test is done the same as when doing a pre test, which is through the work of multiple choice questions in digital applications, and then completed with the results of individual interviews.
The KALIGRAFI Team then monitored the program to assess the success of this program. The mechanism uses a valuation journal where the score will indicate whether students are successful in participating in the program.
Closing this series of programs, the KALIGRAFI team held a show to showcase their talents and interests from students, as they already knew when doing mentoring. The purpose of this performance (art performance) is to implement the values that have been instilled during the implementation of the KALIGRAFI program.
Hopefully the KALIGRAFI Program Can Be Widely Applied
Overall, the presentation of the KALIGRAFI program in front of elementary school teachers in Malang City received full appreciation and attention. In the question and answer session, many teachers confirmed the findings of the KALIGRAFI team, that there were some of their students exposed to the negative effects of pornography. In fact, after the presentation and training program, the elementary teachers asked the KALIGRAFI team to hold the same program at their school.
Athifah Rosi Widiyani, one of the initiators of the KALIGRAFI Team hopes that this program can be widely accepted and applied. The indications of the success they got when carrying out this program at Karang Besuki SDN 1 became evidence that the KALIGRAFI method could reduce the negative impact of pornography on elementary school children.

By: Himam Miladi