Functional Management Staff of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University / General Hospital Saiful Anwar Malang has held a fun competition to commemorate National Children Day on Thursday, July 27, 2017 located in the Park Installation IV Inpatient General Hospital Saiful Anwar. The event starts at 8 am to 12 am which includes magic entertainment, fairy tale, rave reviews, contests and other entertainment events.


Community Service Activities organized by Pediatrics Study Program conducted on July 18, 2017, in connection with the National Children Day Commemoration held in MI Hidayatul Mubtadi’in Tasikmadu, Malang. All staff and as many as 20 Pediatrics students participated in free health and treatment checks for all primary school-aged children.


On February 20, 2017 has been implemented Counseling and Health and ENT examination for elementary school children in SDN Percobaan 1 Malang cooperation of the Department of Pediatrics and ENT Medical Science Medical Faculty UB / Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang.


Community Service Division Endocrinology Childhood Bond With Diabetes Mellitus (IKADAR) regular meeting and socialization of the latest type of treatment for Diabetes Mellitus in children, May 14, 2017


On May 13th, 2017, Community Care and Counseling Program for Child and Nose Throat Surgery was conducted at the elementary school children of Dawuhan 03, Poncokusumo, the cooperation of Department of Child Health and Medical Science ENT Medical Faculty/Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang and coordinated with Medical Faculty UB teaching activity, followed by Pediatric Young Doctor, Pediatric Student, ENT Medical Science and Pediatric Staff.


“Counseling National Movement of Anti-Crime of Sexual in Children” in Urban Village Hall Kotalama, Malang, May 19, 2017 with participants 100 health cadres and PAUD cadres in urban urban village.


On February 20, 2017 held tangggal Community Services outreach activities of Health, the Health and Hygiene Ear, Nose and Throat child SDN Percobaan 1 State Elementary School Malang cooperation Pediatrics Study Program and Lab. THT Science Medical Faculty UB Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang

pengmas THT

PKM Dinoyo

  • Dinoyo’s Community Health Centers Malang



  • Community Servise Every Thursday (Alternate)

6 Community Health Centers MalangCity ( Dinoyo, Arjuno, Kendal Kerep, Janti, Kedung Kandang, Mojolangu )


  • Dissemination Seminar GN-AKSA (National Movement of Sexual Violence Against Children)



Peringatan World Cancer Day 1

  • Pediatrics community service activities FKUB took Citilink Jakarta

Children’s community service activities section RSSA Malang received from Citilink Charity Event which has a program for children, this time all the children who were hospitalized at the Nursery RSSA Frozen Malang arrival cartoon character, Peter Pan and Batman. They gathered together, took singing and dancing together and be entertained with music and game music magic, a moment forget the pain. Not only children who laugh laugh, parents, too amused with this event. Followed by a visit to the nursery, entertaining children who can not participate came together, while distributing some gifts. Thanks to the Ditasya Devi – Assistant Manager Events and Promotion Citilink

  • Angga Moerdi – Manager Digital
  • Merin Geriska – Social Media
  • Nila Widyajanti – Manager Crew Culture
  • Stewardess/Steward Citilink: Gunung Dewantara, Nikito, Rolin Pemunda, Jennifer Veronica, Bunga Mustikawati


SAK (Cancer Childs’s Friends) are community volunteers with the aim of supporting pediatric cancer patients in Malang and educate the public about cancer. Routine activities centered in Room 7 IRNA IV RSSA Malang, in the form of play therapy, learning together and visit volunteers. The play room is opened every day starting at 10:00 to 12:00 pm. Children with cancer need to play a useful tool as a supportive therapy and educative.

IMG_1515SAK 1




Skrining Massal dalam Car Free Day 2
Skrining Massal dalam Car Free Day 2

Community Service Activities Division of Hematology Oncology With Friends of Children Cancer




On January 13, 2017 have been carried out community service activities Studies Program Specialist Education Imu Children’s Health in collaboration with the Laboratory of Psychiatric Hospital Saiful Anwar, Health Promotion Hospital Saiful Anwar Hospital and the Department of Education Malang, with funding from the Agency for Research and Community Services Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University in 2016, with the topic “National Movement Seminar Anti Sexual Abuse in Children”, participants were 150 elementary school teachers as the city of Malang.


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Health Counseling, Nutrition Screening, Mass Treatment and Happy Stage in Order to Commemorate National Children’s Day.