Strategic Plan and Working Program

Strategic Plan and Work

  1. Improving the institutional capability and competitiveness in order to compete at national and international level
  2. Improve the quantity and quality of graduates, research and publications as well as community service, to ensure  the safety of patients in the fields of Medicine (general, dentistry, specialist), health (nutrition sciences, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy), Health Management and Public Health Management with an objective to achieve competitive power at national and international levels
  3. Improve organizational and managerial and entrepreneurial skills in order that graduates have competitive edge and are instrumental to the development of science, technology and humanities
  4. Improve and expand the equitable access to education, research and service to society
  5. Establish a community development center in the field of medicine, health, health management and socio medicine as a form of social responsibility (CSR) and an application of education and research to generate an impact on the quality of life of the society.
  6. Improve the quality of education, research and community service on the basis of the needs of society and global competition
  7. Implement quality assurance system, good academic governance based university’s good governance and excellent service frameworks as an integral part of organizational culture and management system to ensure continuous quality improvement and accountability of institutions
  8. Restructure the organization and infrastructure to encourage independence in the management of study programs and human resource development
  9. Improve equal distribution of the quantity and quality of education for teaching and administration staffs through a comprehensive carrier development path (talent management) supported with performance management system
  10. Build a culture, infrastructure, human resource capabilities and information systems to support the performance and independence of the institution
  11. Build a academic culture  and organizational culture to create a climate, performance and well-being of staff as part of the organization’s performance

Working Programme:

1. Education:

Achieving international recognition gradually on the basis of the development of study programs in Biomolecule studies in various medical, health, and healthcare management issues

2. Research:

Expanding and developing a roadmap towards translational research to address the challenges and needs of society through the creation of science and technology in the medical-health areas

3. Community Service.

Increasing utilization and corporate social responsibility of FMBU for the surrounding community, as well as national and global communities based on research results and education program.

Triple Helix of Tridharma: how to make the link and match between education, research and community service beneficial for the community, nation and world community


  1. Obtaining academic result in form of devoted graduates with good character, morality and professionalism in order to support their existence to compete in national and international scale
  2. Obtaining research and community service result in form of published research and scientific creation in recent medicine and health to support development of knowledge, science and community service
  3. Obtaining organizational and managerial result in form of credible faculty with transparency, accountability and fairness through good governance implementation and autonomic governance based on information and technology (IT) to support high competitiveness in national scale
  4. Obtaining institutional cooperation as well as academic and research in regional, national or international to accelerate achievement of vision and mission

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