The History of Establishing Educational Institution Program of  Pediatric, Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya


The desire to establish Educational Institituton (Prodi IPDS) Program of Pediatric, Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya (IKA FKUB), driven by several factors.  First, from four laboratories / SMF (Lab / SMF) which is considered the main are: Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatric still has not had or opened Prodi IPDS itself. Even at that time , Ophthalmology and Ear, Nose and Throat already have opened  Prodi IPDS. Second, it was the right time for Lab / SMF IKA FKUB to open Prodi IPDSA as being signaled by College of Pediatrics (KIKA) Indonesia, imploring the coaching help from IKA Medical Faculty of Airlangga University. Signal that it is the right time to open IPDSA IKA FKUB has been recommended several times in the KIKA meeting of the Pediatrics National Congress of Science (Konica). Third, the unanimously decision among  IKA FKUB teaching staffs to open the Educational Institution Program of Pediatric (Prodi IPDSA) in a meeting at the Hotel Tugu in early 2005.

Coaching period 2005 – 2008

The late Dr. Setya Budhy SpA (K) , which at that time also served as Head of the Lab / SMF IKA FKUB, pioneered and  established  Prodi IPDSA IKA FKUB ,. Recommendations to establish IPDSA come from the College of Pediatrics (KIKA) Indonesia and agreed that the coaching job will be aid by IPDSA IKA Medical Faculty of Airlangga University Surabaya.  Once known / approved  by : Rector, Dean & Director RSSA FKUB, in order to have more legal force then they issued a formal cooperation charter signed by the Rector of Airlangga University, UB Rector, Dean of the Medical Faculty Airlangga University and Dean of FK UB.

The Head of  IKA Unair Department at that time was Prof.Bambang Permono dr, SpA (K), as the chairman of  IPDSA IKA Unair was Prof. Parvati S, dr, SpA (K) with the late secretary Dr.Widodo D SpA (K), three of them are figures that should be remembered as a very great merit in the early establishment of IPDSA IKA FKUB.

Broadly speaking, coaching and mentoring by IPDSA IKA UNAIR Faculty of Medicine teaching staff in terms of: selection entry, PPDS learning and evaluation process, increasing 6 of the 13 divisions’s quality,  learn about the Local Evaluation (EL) and the National Evaluation (EN). Initially students were accepted as new PPDS of Basic Courses General Education (MKDU) in UNAIR Faculty of Medicine / dr Soetomo for 6 months until 2008. Including PPDS rotation at 6 divisions that are considered not feasible for rotation education is also implemented at IPDSA IKA Unair Faculty of Medicine.

At that time the teaching staff  of  IKA UB Faculty of Medicine also being sent to IKA Unair, the duration of about 6 months, with the aim to improve the qualifications so they can use it for rotation education in the IKA UB Faculty of Medicine.

In order for optimalizing the education process and particularly, patient care by PPDS IKA FKUB whom being  rotated in the allowed division, then  two senior PPDS Unair IKA were placed regularly at Lab / SMF IKA FKUB / RSSA Malang.

At the beginning of the establishment, education fee and in order to complete the educational facilities were provided by the accepted education’s participants, which in the future the education costs / fees set by Rector UB’s regulatory.

Beside the coaching attempt, periodically once every 6 months, as IPDS that still in coaching  phase, it always send a progress report  to KIKAI / in this case to the Commission IV (coaching and development of new IPDSA). The report contains efforts to increase the qualifications and number of staff,  completeness of educational facilities, as another prerequisite for consideration as independent IPDSA.

Coaching processes for three years was not going smoothly, there were many good and bad stories, which ever happened. The bad story that will always be remembered as follows. As new IPDSA, there was an anonymous letter whose contents  misappropriation of funding report, the letter was addressed to the President, with copies to several ministers such as the Minister of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, etc., etc. We are grateful that we were visited and inspected by IRJEN Mendiknas to examine the truth and it was unproven.

Thank God, good and  noble intentions of Almighty God in which eventually IPDSA IKA FKUB released independently in 2008.

IPDSA IKA FKUB period post released as independent IPDSA 2008

In July 2008, it is the initial process IPDSA IKA FKUB become independent. The releasing process to be independent is not simple. There are stages starting from information already considered to be independent of Trustees IPDSA IKA Unair, then verification of the Collegium of IKA and the envoy of Indonesian Medical Council (KKI), whom delegation from  KKI that time was Prof. Dr. Biran Affandi, dr, SpOGK. Furthermore, KKI sent a formal letter to the Mendiknas that IPDSA IKA FKUB has been able to be released as a standalone IPDSA.

So in the end Prodi IPDSA IKA FKUB / RSSA Malang officially become independent with the publication of a Director General of Higher Education  Letter No. 2123 / D / T / 2008: Operating Licence for Medical Education Program  Specialist 1 Pediatrics IKA FKUB. Although it has been released independently, IPDSA IKA FKUB initially still use Manual Pediatrician Education Program (PPDSA) adopted from PPDSA IKA Unair.

Not enough with that, as a new IPDSA , we must adjust the handbooks such as Specialist Physician Professional Education Standards published by KKI, 2006, as well as Manuals Professional Pediatrician Education Standards issued by KIKA Indonesia in 2007.

Basically the standard of professional education book published by KKI DSA 2006 and KIKA Indonesia 2007, gave terms to IPDSA graduates should have academic and professional capability, so in the end of completion of education will get Master degree / Strata 2 (S2) and the Pediatric Specialist (SpA / Sp1). Once released as a standalone IPDSA, it was arranged so that the first batch of graduates had a double degree Master and SpA. Approaches to Post Graduate Program / S2 Biomedicine in FKUB which exist at that time, to include the PPDS IPDSA IKA FKUB, starting the first batch could be accepted as a participant education of S2 Biomedical, alhamdullilah well received.  For that reason, the adjustment that the number of credits achieved in 6 months period of MKDU in FKUnair / Dr Soetomo could be taken into account, so they do not have to start from the beginning.  Certainly, it is a must to add the materials needed to make the research proposal, once approved to carry out the study and ended with presenting its results in front of the examiner of the Post Graduate FKUB and staff from IKA FKUB, which is a test of his / her thesis.

Even since IPDSA IKA FKUB released independently, which previously all batches were accepted as participants IPDSA IKA FKUB MKDU education in IKA Unair Surabaya, since 2008 and further to new learners and so MKDU education  being held at the Post Graduate FKUB.

Efforts were not in vain, in the end since the first generation, 6 persons graduated with MKes degree, it was followed by the next generation have a Master’s degree in Biomedical.

As for professional education to obtain a SpA degree continue to run as usual, after eligible, the students have to go through the Local Evaluation (EL) with examiner from IKA FKUB staffs. Having passed the EL then performed the National Evaluation (EN) with additional examiner from outside IKA FKUB appointed by KIKA. Both EL and EN held in Lab / SMF IKA FKUB / RSSA.

And in 2010 the first batch of as much as 6 persons from class of 2006, passed with encouraging results, from 6 Mkes degree participants, 4 had cumlaud score, and 2 very satisfactory, while the overall 6 participants in EL and EN had A scores.

Development of teaching staff is also getting attention in terms of numbers and qualifications. All staff must be qualified as a Consultant Pediatric Specialist (SPAK). At the time of initial coaching only has 5 SpAK,  but now all 11 Divisions already had SpAK, plus there are 1 Professor, 4 Doctoral and 13 SPAK, and at this point there are two specialist pediatric consultant staffs still taking a doctoral program ( S3) in FKUB.

In the terms of teaching abilities, all staff who have never followed the Acta teach 5, should follow a course manners Applied Approach (AA), which is always carried out for new teaching staff within UB environment.

The ability of evaluating the students, the teaching staff also received training conducted by KIKA Indonesia’s team led by Prof. dr Soetjiningsih, SpAK, Prof Taralan Tambunan dr.SpAK and others.

The perceived difficulty of increasing the number of teaching staff in IPDSA IKA FKUB although now the number has been 22 so far still need the help of 4 teaching staffs whom already full devotion, still requested a faculty contract, the staffs include: Prof. Dr. HMS Chandra Kusuma dr, SpAK, DR Mardhani Yosoprawoto dr, SpAK, Sumakto dr, SpAK, Siti Latitude Kawuryan dr, SpAK, Concerned atmosphere because of health  reason that makes Harry Yudono SpAK, and Nurtjahyo Budi S dr, SpAK no longer be able to teach again.

In 2011 there was a review of the KKI who was sent to see the implementation of education  Prodi PPDS 1 FKUB, and designated for the presentation by Dean FKUB is Prodi IPDSA IKA FKUB, and get appreciation that the execution / implementation in accordance with the book Standards Professional Education Specialist Physician by KKI published in 2006.

In 2010, felt that the place used for the education occupy the space owned by inpatient  Installation IV (IRNA IV) that does not belong to FK UB, then pioneered efforts by proposing an integrated education building taken from fees collected from the students. The efforts eventually succeeded establishe an integrated education building (in 2012) which is also used for medical student education activities (S1).

Which ultimately integrated education building is enshrined with the name of the building SETYA BUDHY to commemorate his service.

At 2012 Prodi IPDSA FKUB which is the 13th  place of education  from all over IPDSA in Indonesia, and as a place of education, there is accreditation conducted by a team of KIKA Indonesia, at that time the value of accreditation IKA FKUB get value B (Certificate of Accreditation of the College of Pediatrics no.16 / Kep / Collegium-IKA / IV / 2012).

As of June 2015, PSPDS-1 IKA FKUB / RSSA Malang has successfully graduated 53 students titled MKes / MBiomed, ??SpA.

With the passage of time, the teaching staff IKA FKUB mourning the death of Nurtjahyo Budi S dr, SpAK in 2012. The deceased was already tried to pioneer the establishment of IPDSA IKA FKUB, who was the head of Lab / SMF IKA FKUB / RSSA together with Sumakto dr, SpA make a presentation as the initial approach in IKA Unair, unfortunately the attempt was not success.  The efforts to establish IKA FKUB Prodi being continued by the late Setya Budhy SpAK and managed to open the Prodi IKA FKUB until now.

One year later (2013 th) we grieve more deeply with the death of Dr. Setya Budhy, SpAK. All teaching staff IKA FKUB felt loss against a figure of leader whom not only think about  education progress of  IKA FKUB IPDSA, but also fight the legality of the doctors at the clinic whose get status Non DIKNAS. So determined trying to outreach to the level of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of State for Administrative Control, Ministry of Finance and to the Secretariat of State. The toil of the deceased finally succeed,  active specialists as an educator in the Specialist Program, has formal legal status as a clinical educator in Education Study Specialist Program within FKUB. Although successful in fighting the status of clinical educator, the late Dr. Setya Budhy SpAK did not look the slightest feel meritorious, especially honored as his services, he was a truly exemplary figure. That as a human being is imperfect, there were many who like him, but there were also no doubt some people dislike, even hate him.

The whole IKA FKUB staff pray for our predecessors who had summoned to Almighty God, hopefully forgiven their sins, hope all of their services and sacrifices and deeds of the deceased both: Dr. Setya Budhy SpAK and Nurtjahyo Budi S dr, SpAK, a place in His side. Aamiiin YRA.

Put an end to the history of the Prodi IKA FKUB we commemorate some excerpts photo documentation as evidence of the history, that history will continue sustainable lasts as it goes past now moving towards a better Prodi IPDSA IKA FKUB.

Malang October 29, 2015