Ilmu Kesehatan Anak

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Ditulis pada 12 November 2015 , oleh ppdsika


Becoming a leading International Children’s Health Study Program by 2025.


  1. Holding a quality education system to produce Pediatrician which is professional and noble based on religious teachings, professional ethics and Indonesia’s Code of Medical Ethics (KODEKI).
  2. Develop a professional and qualified system of children’s health care in order to form a healthy and smart future generation.
  3. Able to carry out research and community services in the field of Pediatrics at National and International level.


To produce Pediatrician graduates which :

  1. Competent, honest, noble and have a sense of responsibility in the practice of science.
  2. Have good knowledge, skills and attitude and would be able to understand and solve health problems scientifically and apply their knowledge to the public, in accordance to their field optimally.
  3. Able to find, plan and carry out education and research independently and develop their knowledge to a higher academic level.
  4. Able to develop personal attitude according to science ethics and professional ethics.