Quality Assurance Organization




Organizaton structure UQA0

Quality assurance system refers to faculty and university Quality Assurance System (MSS) based on quality document consisting of faculty quality manual, quality standard of faculty and university, Manual Procedure (MP), and Work Instructions (IK). Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) of PSPDS-1 IKA FKUB was established during Section Meeting in June 2013. The main duties and functions of quality assurance / UJM in study program level are: establishing a quality policy, making manual procedures, preparing work instructions, socializing SPM, executing internal audit and continuous quality improvement.

The quality management effort at PPDS-1 IKA FKUB internally is done by placing lecturers in accordance to their expertise and qualification as required. Quality management is also supported by the entire lecturers, administration staffs and PPDS-I IKA FKUB.

Main Duties and Functions of UJM PSPDS I IKA FKUB

1. To coordinate the preparation of quality standards created by Program of Study;

2. To monitor the quality assurance system of Program of Study;

3. To observe, evaluate and conduct the analysis of follow-up results after monitoring the implementation of academic quality assurance system and academic quality standards implementation compliance in Program of Study.

4. To develop and implement the Monitoring Procedure Manual and Evaluation of Program of Study in the execution of Specialist-I Training Program of IKA FKUB.

5. To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the curriculum and the learning process.

Head of Quality Assurance Unit

1. Assisting the Head of Department in implementing academic quality assurance.

2. Performing coordination, monitoring and evaluation to the implementation of duties performed by the PSPDS I IKA FKUB staffs.

3. Taking responsibility in executing Quality Assurance Unit PSPDS I IKA FKUB duties and reporting them to KPS.

Secretary of Quality Assurance Unit

1. Supporting the Head of UJM PSPDS I IKA FKUB in planning, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and reporting the activities including its budget.

2. Being responsible for the administration related to quality of UJM PSPDS I IKA FKUB documents and activities.

3. Taking responsibility for planning, implementation and result of regular meeting agenda, coordination meeting and activity evaluation meeting.

4. Being responsible to the Head of UJM PSPDS I IKA FKUB.

Lecturer Member

1. Developing SPMI PPDS UI IKA FKUB and implementation.

2. Improving document of Quality Internal Audit of PSPDS I IKA FKUB.

Student Member

1. Assisting the implementation of UJM PSPDS I IKA FKUB duties

2. Providing the feedback to the Head of UJM PSPDS I IKA FKUB

Educational Workforce Member

1. Assisting the implementation of UJM PSPDS I IKA FKUB duties

Every year is planned to be carried out an internal audit by Quality Assurance Unit of Medical Faculty to evaluate PS compliance with 7 standards of BAN-PT and ISO 9001: 2008.

Documentation system and follow-up implementation report are well recorded by the Head of Section, KPS, SPS, UJM, Lecturer Member, as well as Education Workforce through a Work Meeting to determine the Follow Up Plan.