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comgress milan manilla

20th International Leprosy Congress
September 2019
Manila, Philippines.
“Zero Transmission. Zero Dissability. Zero Discrimination”

ILC 2019 has selected our supervisor and residents’ scientific poster

Here they are,
Our proudly DVUB Delegation

Dr. dr. Dhelya Widasmara, Sp.KK
Leprosy is An Important Health Challenge in Indonesia : Correlate Family Knowledge and Attitude to Reduce The Leprosy Patients Disability Level
The P75NTR Serum Level As A Biomarkers to Evaluate The Prevention of Disability in Leprosy : A Correlation between WHO Disability Grading and Semme-Weinstein Monofilament Test Examination

dr. Nurul Laili Nahlia
Comparison of Microbiological Diagnosis of Multibacillary Leprosy Between Two Methods : Slit Skin Smear and Nasal Blow

dr. Vina Listy Pramita
Leprosy Diagnosis : An Update on The Use of Molecular Tools

dr. Nathasia Ayunda Pardina
Borderline Lepromatous Leprosy with Ocular Complication

And our supervisor also took a photo with President of International Leprosy Association.

So, dear followers,

Are we ready to face Grade 2 Disability Free in 2020 caused by Leprosy?

DVUB Jaya!
Kulit be loved!