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Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 16 June 2015 , by angga

Planning and Strategies :

  1. Increasing capabilities and institution competition ability, therefore able to compete in national and international.
  2. Increase quantities and qualities graduates, researches and publications and society devotions that provide guarantee of patient safety in medicine field (general, dentist, specialist), health (nutrition, nurse, midwife, pharmacy), Health management and Public Health therefore have competition abilities in national and international.
  3. Increase entrepreneurship and managerial abilities in organization and graduation therefore able to compete and give advantages in knowledge development, technology and humanities.
  4. Increase expansion and equity access of educational services, research activities and social services.
  5. Build society development centers in medical field, health, health managements and socio-medicine as faculty responsibility realization for society and education application and research to give impact for society quality of life.
  6. Enhance quality of educational implementers, research and society devotion in accordance with society needs and global competition.
  7. Implement qualities assurance, academic maintenance on good university governance basis and prime services as integral parts of management systems and organization culture to assure continue improvement of qualities and institutional accountabilities.
  8. Provide organizational design and faculty facilities and pre-facilities to support independence of study program maintenance and human resources development.
  9. Enhance equity of teaching resources quantities and qualities through comprehensive development of career development path systems (talent management) on which being support with management working systems.
  10. Build culture, infrastructure, capabilities of human resources and informational systems to support work and institution independence.
  11. Build academic and organizational culture to create working environment, work and wealth for staff as part of organization works.