Internal Medicine Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 3 November 2015 , by angga
  1. Internal Medicine Resident Candidate Registration


 2.         Administrative Requirements

  • Filling registration form
  • Letter of application
  • Physician Registration Certificate (STR)
  • Last diploma
  • Transcripts of Bachelor and Medical Doctor
  • Recent photograph affixed on the application form
  • Permission from the director of employment
  • Certificate has been carrying out (Post Graduate Community Service)  PTT
  • Letter of appointment of the central institution for Civil Worker
  • Certificate of delaying Post Graduate Community Service (those who have not completed PTT)
  • Certificate that stated has been working in the hospital at least 1 year to those who have not completed Post Graduate Community Service (PTT)
  • Letter of good attitude from local police
  • Letter of recommendation from (Indonesian Doctor Association (IDI)
  • Certificate of physical and spiritual health
  • Certificate of returning to the institution / work place of origin (for regional representatives / civil worker)
  • Letter of recommendation from a hospital staff working or direct supervisor
  • Certificate following seminar, workshop or other courses in the field of health (at least 5)

3.         Evaluation of academic ability, which includes

  • GPA obtained as a General Practitioner (Bachelor & Doctor)
  • Having a good value in the test subjects chosen field of specialization
  • Passed academic tests carried out by each division
  • Academic potential test to determine how much potential and interest of participants to explore the field of education chosen.
  • Psychological test, to determine whether the field of specialization chosen is suitable with personality and to determine the attitude and behavior of resident candidates to cooperate.
  • TOEFL test, to determine the English language ability of resident candidates, and minimumTOEFL score is 450.
  • Interview with Chief of Laboratory/Department, Chief of Study Program, and senior staffs appointed. Interviews carried out to determine the amount of interest, mental and economic readiness, motivation and performance to implement their education
  • General Health Tests by dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital Examining Doctors.