Internal Medicine Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
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Head of Study Program

1. Coordinate the evaluation results tenure PPDS I of the room, Polyclinic Section.
2. Reporting to the Head of the evaluation results of the pre-test / post-test and scientific work PPDS I.
3. Reporting to the Head of the evaluation results for the first year PPDS I continue or stop the possibility of education.
1. Develop guidelines on educational programs in Section PPDS I / SMF Medicine.
2. Set a schedule for room assignment and PPDS Section I.
3. Set a schedule for the presentation of scientific papers PPDS I.
4. Set up a schedule and carry out the pre-test, mid PPDS I test and evaluation of the final stage.
5. Develop topic final works PPDS I.
6. Develop guidelines daily tasks PPDS I in the room, Polyclinic and Section in cooperation with the Section Head.
7. Responsible for the smooth implementation of final exams and national exams
8. Make an annual report of all activities.

Common Tasks:
1. Make Sexy development planning.
2. Inventory of all hardware and software both from the Faculty, and Section RSSA / SMF.
3. Develop section personnel including doctors, paramedics, administrative personnel in accordance with the administrative order.
4. Plan a schedule of activities (education, service and research).
5. Make annual evaluation sexy sexy and development plans both in the field of education, service and research.
6. Divide the section member task and monitor its implementation in the fields of education, service and research of the section.

Special task :
1. Education:
- Together with sexy staff prepare the course material students FK semesters V, VI, VII, VIII (Sub Program III) in the form of books and handouts.
- Together with the staff made the exam for the semester VII-VIII student, pre-test PPDS I and some members of the Testing Team post test PPDS I.
- Develop a schedule of educational activities during the PPDS I follow the activities of the section.
- Provide input and suggestions science while having a scientific meeting in accordance with the field.
2. Services
- Establish a credible form schedules of service.
- As a Consultant highest in terms of patient care in accordance with their fields.
- Develop guidebooks patient management in accordance with their respective fields.
- Make a credible form of service with monthly reports include 10 diseases in the section.
3. Research and Continuing Medical Education
- Develop research titles as a material to be examined by PPDS I and sexy staff.
- Prepare the title Overview of literature as a material that will be discussed by the PPDS I.
- Guiding research and literature review.
- Develop an inventory of research.
- Planning for Continuing Medical Education activities in their field.

Unit for Research and Community Service and International Relations
1. Make an inventory of existing research in Lab./SMF Medicine.
2. Plan a research proposal for IPD staff members.
3. Make the annual report.
4. Collect all the activities of staff Section Medicine (education, service and research)
5. Plan for educational activities / courses for doctors, specialists and paramedics held by Penyakiit In
6. Coordinate the provision of education / courses for doctors, specialists and paramedics held by Penyakiit In
7. Evaluate the provision of education / courses for doctors, specialists and paramedics held by penyakiit In
8. Inventory Journal-Journal to be published
9. Inventory and publishing books that have an ISBN
10. Designing a community service program in accordance with the vision and mission of internal medicine section
11. plan cooperation programs in the fields of education, research and community service by involving foreign agencies
Duties and functions:
Educational administration task Specialist Physician Medicine