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Written on 9 October 2018 , by ipdppds

Manual Procedures for Application for Permit or Vacation for Students

In the busy schedule and density of Internal Medicine Specialist Medical Education Study Programs The Medical Faculty of Brawijaya students, if it is of interest and it is necessary for students to apply for a permit or vacation in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable in the Internal Medicine Department. If a student will apply for a permit or vacation, the student collects and completes the required documents which can be obtained from the admin of the Internal Medicine Department, then after completing the file and the requirements, the student gives back to the admin. The files and requirements will then be taken by the admin to be submitted to Internal Medicine Head of Study Program. Then the file will be reviewed and clarified and considered by the Head of Study Program to determine whether the student is getting permission or vacation. If the student is permitted, the student can make a permit or vacation which will then be submitted to the Head of Study Program to be signed and given to the Head Division as permission or leave notice. However, if not permitted, students do not need to make the permit or vacation.

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