Orthopaedic And Traumatology Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
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Determining Candidate that will be called for selestion

How to Follow the spesialist education  :

1.    Medical personal were civil servant

a.   Submit a written application to the head of the Civil Service Agency to mention spesialization courses and enclose a certificate of completing periode of service

b.   Attach recommendation from head original office for local Civil Servant  Ministry of Health

c.   Attach the recomendations of the disciplinary Commission of Medical Sciences for civil servant Ministry of Health

d.   Attach a recommendation from local Ministry of Health Civil Servant to destination head offices for Civil Servant pass original University

e.   Complete the educational requirements in according with the disciplinary commission of Medical Sciences

f.   Once Finished the specialist training, candidate is requires to report back to the head Civil Service agency for futher assigment as a specialist and will be regulated seperately under the provosion of the implemtation period of service specialists

g.   Who chooce the education, the petition addressed to departement of health in the development of implementation coordinate team learning task as the requirement apply

2.    Medical personal with the private employee or private individuals

a.    Submit a written application to the committee by attaching health diciplines with completing certificate in period of service

b.   Once completed the education, candidate must report back to head Bereau Officer for further assigment reported back to applicant.

Requirement for Participant

System of New Requirement Medical Fakulty University Brawijaya :

General University  :

1.    The Medical Faculty with Acreditation A  : SKed IP and IP Cumulative = 2.50 (SKed and Profession) = 2.75 & The Medical Faculty Acreditation B : IP SKed = 2.75 =3.00

2.   Maximum age about 35 year old (when the education star)

3.    License of study  / duties of the District Head (Regent, Govermor) / Personnel Agency Regional Secretary for Civil Servant specifically Indonesia National Army/Indonesia Nasional Police that must be permission from Headquarters and warrant learning task of the Directorate General of Defence Strength. License from institute for those who work in institute.

4.   Certificate of responbility financing source studies

- A letter of willingness to pay the cost of education on the stamp to be independent

-  Certificate/letter sponshorship financing and institute if the collenge is study task from the original institute

5.    Letter of recommendation from the local IDI(Indonesia Orthopaedic Association) that is never do malpractice or violation of medical ethics.

6.    Copy of STR/evidence has been taking care of the Indonesian Medical Consil

7.   Police Notes Certificate

Special Requirement   :

Applicant registering online to the college Orthopaedic Indonesia  : Orthoui@dnet.net.id