Orthopaedic And Traumatology Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 27 January 2014 , by angga



For a more objective Strategic Planning can be measured and observed with standard parameters and clear performance indicators are clear, the above objectives require translation into the Strategic Objectives to be achieved within five years implementation of the planning or the basis for the goals to be achieved later. To that end, the Strategic Planning Objectives are divided into three main groups:

  1. Targets the academic field
  2. Target areas of management
  3. Target areas of cooperation

Each of these objectives will betranslated in the following description:

Targets for Academic Affairs:

A. Education:

  1. Their graduates and traumatology specialist MDs are able to compete at the regional, national and international. The quality of graduates reflects the quality of educational programs and curriculum that is applied in the printing institution graduates. Quality of graduates can be measured with the receipt of graduate and graduate placement in a strategic position in the field goverment health and health care institutions.
  2. Composed and implementation of a dynamic curriculum and meet the relevance of the latest health and medical education. Quality is measured by the outcomes of education curriculum in the form of recognition of competence by the Indonesian Medical Council as a representation of society.
  3. Increasing the quantity and quality of the management faculty throughout the curriculum courses in both academic quality and the quality of kependidikannya. Increasing the quantity measured by the ratio of lecturers lecturers: learners (resident) are proportional. Improving the quality of lecturers measured by the increase in the proportion of academic and educational strata or professional, as well as the recognition of skills through certification lecturer and teacher of international standards.
  4. Increasing quality of process Learning courses concerning the quality of design, learning, and evaluation of learning outcomes. Quality Teaching and Learning measured by the quality of the output of graduates such as GPA, number of graduates, and long studies.
  5. Increasing ability Institusi Program Specialist Doctors – Orthopaedics and Traumatology Sciences Faculty of Medicine, UB for equity and expanding access to education for the public.