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The PDS Anatomic Pathology Study Program of FKUB has carried out a series of selection tests for new student admissions for the January 2021 period which consisted of three stages of selection according to the provisions of the FKUB Specialist Department which consisted of filing selection according to the requirements of the Department, a second stage test which included Health tests, TOEFL, TPA and Psychological tests. from the Department, and theory tests and oral interviews from the PA study program. From the results of the selection test, two PPDS PA FKUB applicants were accepted to enter in the January 2021 period

Furthermore, in January, the opening of new admissions of PS PDS Anatomic Pathology FKUB will begin with special requirements made easier. The general requirements for new student registration are in accordance with the provisions of the FKUB specialist department while the special requirements of the PDS PA study program are reduced from 5 requirements to only 3 special requirements.

1. Photo of New PPDS Briefing by KPS and Head of Department By Online

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2. Photos of New Student Admissions From Specialist Department FK-UB By Online

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