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During their study of an Anatomic Pathology Resident, students will thorgh a 3-stage national exam held by the Indonesian Pathology College. Given the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit all regions of Indonesia, this stage 3 national exam was held simultaneously in each education center under the supervision of the central committee from the college. The test was carried out offline and online, consisting of an offline microscopic diagnosis reading with exam slides sent by the central committee followed by an oral interview with 12 examiners from the college online.

The Phase 3 National Examination is the final stage of the Residen professional and competency exam before being appointed to become an Anatomical Pathology Specialist. The 3rd stage of the examination is currently being held for 2 consecutive days on 10-11 October 2020, attended by dr. Aris Rosidah, participant of  Anatomical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine,  Brawijaya University.

Praise to be grateful for the presence of God Almighty, this National Examination stage 3 this time was well passed. After going through the educational process and a series of exams from the start of entering the Study Program to completion of the national exam, Residen who has passed will be inaugurated as an Anatomical Pathology Specialist in the graduation judicium.

Since the establishment of the FKUB study Anatomical Pathology Specialist Program in 2016 to date, there have been 3 graduates of Anatomical Pathology Specialists who all passed on time with a GPA of more than 3 and passed the first taker at each stage of the national exam organized by the Pathology College, Indonesia.

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