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throughout 2020 has carried out various activities which include activities in the fields of education, research, community service, socialization and collaboration and increasing resources. Even though in 2020 there was a pandemic situation which caused many changes in the field of service and education, but PS PDS PA FKUB still tries to carry out work programs that have been implemented and carry out all Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi activities or services served by Brawijaya Universiy and dr. Saiful Anwar Malang Hospital by paying attention to safety and health protocols for teaching staff and students. Several activities that have been carried out throughout 2020 include :

  1. New PPDS admissions for the January 2020 period.
  2. The graduation and inauguration of the first graduate of PS PDS PA FKUB on behalf of Dr. Luqman Fadli Sp PA and Dr. Rose Khasana Dewi Sp PA who have passed the first taker at UNAS 3 December 2019 period
  3. Organizing Pap Smear and Breast Tumor Detection with Dharma Wanita UB in Polyclinic UB in January
  4. The first Annual Malang Pathology Seminar was held on February 2, 2020 with the topic of Dermatopathology and Musculoskeletal Pathology with speakers from Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya and Malang.
  5. The teaching staff of PSPDS PA FKUB actively participated as lecturers in the Musculoskeletal Pathology course for Pathologists in March 2020 in Denpasar and as speakers at the Online Seminar on Lung cancer and the online seminar on Neuroendocrine tumors during the pandemic.
  6. PS PDS PA students count in service during the pandemic by becoming a screening team for emergency room patients and the Dr. Saiful Anwar Malang Hospital polyclinic from May to December 2020.
  7. Implementation of teaching and learning activities including lectures, tutorial slides, practicum, scientific activities, offline and online stages and CPC during the pandemic.
  8. Teaching staff and students who participated in online courses and seminars held online at the national and international levels during the pandemic.
  9. PS PDS PA FKUB students have participated in UNAS stage 1, one UNAS stage 2 and one UNAS stage 3 in 2020 and 4 PPDS passed UNAS stage 1, 1 PPDS passed UNAS stage 2 and 1 PPDS passed UNAS stage 3 as takers first.
  10. Implementation of final semester exams in August 2020 for all semesters.
  11. Implementation of Collaboration with PA FK Undip in the form of a Joint Lecture in October 2020 with the topic Endometrial Abnormalities and Osteogenic Tumors
  12. Implementation of community service activities in the form of an online women’s seminar in November 2020 in the framework of Pathology Day with the topic of Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer.
  13. The activities of students and teaching staff at PS PDS PA FKUB in 2020 resulted in 3 retrospective studies regarding the clinicopathological profile of prostate cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer. In addition, it also produced 2 final research studies on Colorectal Cancer and Thyroid Cancer. After carrying out the research activities of the teaching staff in collaboration with staff and students of other study programs.
  14. Scientific publications by students and staff in national and international journals have been carried out from the results of research and case reports from the PS PA itself as well as the results of collaborations with other study programs.
  15. The scientific work produced by PS PDS PA FKUB in 2020 includes one ISBN book on Soft Needle Biopsy of Soft Tissue Tumors, 5 musculoskeletal modules, two of which have received IPR and two dermatopathology modules.
  16. The graduation and judicium of Dr. Aris Rosidah Sp PA as the second graduate of PS PDS PA FKUB who passed the first taker of Unas 3 at the end of 2020.
  17. The graduation judicium for all PPDS who have passed stage 1 and stage 2.
  18.  Audit Quality by PJM FK UB and management review and faculty forms in November 2020
  19. The Internal Meeting of the PS PDS Pathology Anatomy was held in December 2020 to draft a new Vision Mission and report on the KPS performance.
  20. Implementation of the 2020 Curriculum Revision.
  21. The selection test for admission and acceptance of new PPDS for the period January 2021.
  22. The selection of the new FKUB PS PDS PA KPS for the 2020-2024 period.
  23. Implementation of theoretical and oral or practicum exams for UAS in December 2020.

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