Patologi Anatomi

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
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Establishment study program of the Anatomical Pathology specialist in FKUB actually had begun in 1983. At that moment, Anatomical Pathology departement had been visited by Prof. Rahmat Santoso Sp.PA(K) (medical staff representatives of Anatomical Pathology departement from Universitas Airlangga), and declared capable to educate junior resident (semester I-IV). That initial education process continued untill early 2000 and Anatomical Pathology FKUB consistently delivered medical staff to Universitas Airlangga for finishing the education process for 3-4 semester.

In the 2010, the establishment of study program started with visitation of Indonesia Association of Anatomical Pathology Collegium at March 29 2010. Visitation result declared the Anatomical Pathology FKUB able to accept two residents per semester under supervision of Anatomical Pathology departement of FK UNDIP. This decision had a MOU of cooperation between FKUB and FK UNDIP No.2865A/H7.3.4/KS/2010 and No.7484/H10.7/PM3/2010. Visitation of FK UNDIP as supervisor pf study program yield a decision about qualifying the 3 medical staff with consultant degree in anatomical pathology field. At this time Anatomical Pathology study program FKUB have 2 consultants in musculoskeletal and cytology field, and in submission 2 candidates in dermatopathology and uropathology field

After the second visitation on December 2012, FK UNDIP as supervisor of study program declared the supervision period had accomplished. Legal decree  No.514/IAPI/Kol/XII/2012 at Desember 17, 2012 about establishment of study rogram finally was released by Collegium.

After visited by Indonesia Medical Council based on SK No:KD. 02.02/01/KKI/III/1020/2014 released on March 3, 2014, visitation to evaluate appropriateness of Anatomical Pathology Study Program FKUB would be held at March 6-8, 2014, and considered  as required to begin residency program. Before the legal decree from Ministry of Education was released, Anatomical Pathology Study Program FKUB was permitted to recruit medical staff as resident and follow the national examination under FK UNDIP supervision.

Visitation by Directorate General of Ministry of Education held at June 15, 2015 based on SK No. 4517/E2.2/KL/2015. From The visitation result, Ministry of Education released operational permission letter at February 3, 2016 Nomor. 69/KPT/I/2016 and Anatomical Pathology Study Program FKUB was legally permitted to implement the residency program.