Patologi Anatomi

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Ditulis pada 8 November 2017 , oleh ppds.patologianatomi

General Objective

Generating Anatomical Pathology Specialist doctor with academic ability and ethical knowledge corresponding to competency, uphold the medical and profession ethic, have a quality in clinical problem solving as professional and consistent to knowledge development

Special Objective

Generating Anatomical Pathology specialist doctor that able to:

  1. Applying Pathologist ethical profession in performing task and responsibility as Pathologist
  2. Have an active role developing medical knowledge especially in Anatomical Pathology through presented and published scientific writing of research result
  3. Establish the Anatomical Pathology diagnostic from histopathology, Frozen section, and cytopathology examination
  4. Determine a patient cause of death through autopsy
  5. Manage a pathology diagnostic center in designing, applying, and monitoring event at each unit
  6. Have an active role in hospital medical team as Anatomical Pathology specialist contributing to patient management
  7. Have a role as manager of Anatomical Pathology diagnostic center
  8. Have a role as mentor in Anatomical Pathology field