Patologi Anatomi

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Ditulis pada 6 September 2016 , oleh angga

Study Program of Anatomical Pathology Specialist had been declared for 1,5 years and continue to applying the planned program and a lot of activities for supporting the vision and mission achievement.

Enhancement of Quality and management organization of Study Program of Anatomical Pathology have shown effectiveness in controlling education activities, proven by executed evaluation program per semester, supplementary SOP and several guidance book, also fulfillment of activities budget necessity.

Planned education programs nearly 100% fulfilled and daily, per semester, and each promoted level of evaluation programs are going fluently compatible with planning of achievement accomplished by residents. The residents achievement in IPK and 1st  National Examination results indicate the teaching-learning system, teaching materials, and planned curriculum arranged until 3rd semester have shown suitability with standardize level of competencies according to collegium of Indonesia Pathology.

Academic publications and community service activities routinely performed by lectures staff even residents. The amount of publication from researh result is still need to be increased, because the residents is still running on 3rd semester and still not go through research yet.

Cooperation with multiple agencies have been done and still progressing for support the achievement of vision, mission, and aim of Study Program of Anatomical Pathology Specialist.

The support from many sides is very needed particularly the chairman of Universitas Brawijaya and Medical Faculty. For the last word, thank you very much to every stakeholders that supporting accomplishment of planned program of Study Program of Anatomical Pathology Specialist 2016-2017. Hopefully in the future Study Program of Anatomical Pathology Specialist would be developed and obtain a progressive movement.