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During the COVID-19 pandemic, a mixture of online and offline learning methods are implemented. Residents are given additional assignments from the teaching hospital to participate in the COVID-19 screening program in Matahari Policlinics and ED, thus the residents are divided into two working groups, alternating between their responsibilities in patient care at the Pathology Department and the screening program.

1.Lectures are held online with audio-supplemented powerpoint files and via Zoom. Lectures and presentation of textbook reading, case reports, retrospective research, research proposals and final research project are carried out offline and online. Bedsite teaching for FNAB examination and slide guidance are conducted offline, which include:
Diagnosis and consultation of histopathological cases, frozen section, FNAB, immunohistochemistry, cytology, and examination of gross specimen are supervised by senior pathologists according to schedule

2. Rotation to sister hospitals are cancelled, and replaced by rotation in anatomic pathology laboratories that are equivalent to anatomic laboratories in Type B Hospitals

3. Clinicopathological Conference (CPC) is held offline and online

4. Morning reports are carried out online with Zoom

5. Phase 1 and 2 National Exams continue to be carried out in accordance with collegial regulations

6. Offline community service programs are postponed

7. In order to meet the required number of cases to achieve competence standard, in addition to the offline diagnosis of new cases, residents are also advised to re-read old slides from the slide collections

8. MILLION (Microscopic Live Discussion) method are developed for online slide consultation

A. During January to May 2020, residents of each semester still obtain complete lecture material in accordance with the curriculum consisting of General Pathology, Organ-based Pathology, Pathology Examination Techniques, and Patient Management at the Hospital. Material provided by each lecturer is online or offline with physical distancing and limitation of lecture participants. Lecture material and practicum are given in the form of audio-supplemented powerpoints, lecture by Zoom, Modules and videos [Pap smear examination and FNAB Technique].

B. Lecture Modules made by teaching staff PDS PA FKUB study programs, including:
- Inflammation Module
- Morbus Hansen’s Diagnosis Module
- Module Approach to Diagnosis of Non-Neoplastic Skin Lesions
- FNAB Bone Tumor Module
- Sarcoma Spindle Cell Module
- Munulohistochemical Tumor Immunohisteletal Tumor

C. In June 2020, a whole series of presentations on residents’ scientific assignments has been carried out in the form of Text Book reading, Journal Reading, and Case Reports online with audio-supplemented powerpoint files. In addition, the presentation of research proposals, as well as final project examinations with Zoom has also been conducted.

D. In June, phase 1 National Examination was also held in accordance with collegial regulations and two participants from PS PDS FKUB PA who took the examination passed with an A grade.

E. In July 2020 the final semester test for each resident was held in the form of a theory-based exam, a case diagnosis exam with powerpoint slides and VIVA method, a practical exam for pathology examination techniques, and an offline microscopic slide diagnostic exam with regard to health protocols. For residents in the seventh semester, phase 3 local examinations have also been carried out for each organ.

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