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Join Us!!! at PK UPDATE 2017 Symposium dan Workshops “Update Laboratory Role in Primary Health Care and Hospital Health Care” Contact Persons: dr. Thiba: 081.2335.6905 dr. Rossy: 081.838.9241 dr. Yuyun: 081.3477.148.66 Kantor: 0341-357407

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Join Us!! PK UPDATE 2016 Symposium and Workshops “Laboratory Role in Improving Service Quality and Patient Diagnosis” Contact Person: Office: 0341-357407 dr. Thiba: 081.2335.6905 dr. Rossy: 081.838.9241

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Join Us!! at 5th SURAMADE Sysmposium dan Workshops Early Bird Registration until 15 May 2015 Contact Persons: Office: 0341-357407 dr. Lianita: 0878.1208.1985 dr. Ina Malo: 0812.3317.1110 Abstract Submission: dr. Eirene: 0813.8173.2714

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Symposium “Laboratory Role in Improving Practical Diagnosis” download brosur symposium and workshop pdspatklin malang Topic: 1. Clinical aspects of DVT 2. The use of D-Dimer & Fibrinogen assay 3. Diagnosis approach of anemia from laboratory insight 4. Adverse effects of transfusion 5. Clinical transfusion procedure 6. Current use of Toxoplasma & Rubella screening test in [...]

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