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Written on 28 March 2018 , by pulmonologippds , in category Activities, News

Social Service for Mt. Ijen’s Poison Gas Disaster in Banyuwangi

gunung Ijen

Poison gas disaster that was happened in Afdeling Watu Capil, Sempol district, Bondowoso regency, on wednesday March 21rd 2018 have made some people brought to Sempol Public Health Centre (PHC). 30 people was brought to some PHC. 24 people to Ijen PHC, 4 people to Tlogosari PHC, even 2 of them have to be referred to the local hospital. They suffered respiratory disorder that was caused by inhalation of the poison gas (Kompas.com)

In order to help the community who suferred from poisoning, Indonesian Pulmonogist Association from Malang branch held a social service by sharing free masks for community who lived around Mt. Ijen.