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TB DAY 2015


Health is one of the objectives of national health programs in which the Doctor is the spearhead for public health services. Doctor role and duties as health workers in providing preventive and curative health services is critical, including early detection and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) is appropriate to improve healing and prevent the occurrence of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB).

Since 1993, WHO declared that TB is a global emergency for humanity. Although the DOTS strategy has proven highly effective for the control of TB, but the disease burden of TB in the community is still very high. With the advances made since 2003, it is estimated there are about 9.5 million new cases of TB, but 3 million cases of undiagnosed, untreated, or undiagnosed but not included in the national TB program (NTP) and about 0.5 million people died from TB worldwide (WHO, 2009). Thus required a major effort to close this gap. Moreover, TB control gets new challenges such as the co-infection of TB / HIV, drug-resistant TB and other challenges with a higher level of complexity. According to the WHO Global TB Report 2011 events in the world, Indonesia is currently at number 4.

This would require serious attention from all parties, including physicians as health workers who will spearhead

in the discovery and management of TB patients in both the government and the health services in the private sector.

We, Science Program Pulmonary Disease and Respiratory Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya along with the professional organization Association of Physicians Pulmonary Indonesia (PDPI) branch Malang, intends to hold health seminars for doctors practice in the area of ??Malang, with the topic of child and adult TB management as well as the treatment of side effects of oral anti-tuberculosis (OAT) to prevent withdrawal.

World TB Day commemoration was held by WHO and the Royal Netherlands Tuberculosis Foundation in 1995 in The Hague, Netherlands. World TB Day is an annual event every March 24 held to raise public awareness about the disease tuberculosis epidemic and efforts to eradicate the disease get TB. World TB Day dated March 24, 2015 to continue the theme of 2014 – the Reach 3 Million (Reach 3 Million). Sub-theme and message for this year’s “Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone” (“Discover, Therapy, Heal Everyone”). World TB Day 2015, the campaign for governments, health departments and health professionals continues to call for a global effort to find, treat and cure TB and accelerate toward the goal of ending the TB in 2035.

This activity we conduct as a medium to improve the capability and knowledge of physicians practice in the area of ??Malang on governance developments TB children and adults and treatment of side effects OAT right to prevent withdrawal. For that we ask for funding to support our activities this.


This proposal was made with the intention to invoke the aid funds in order to support a seminar on child and adult TB management and treatment of side effects OAT right to prevent withdrawal.

Forms Of Activity

Day seminar for general practitioners


General practitioner health centers and private practice


200 people (limited)


To participants free of charge (free)


Seminar kit, snacks, and a certificate berSKP

Time and place

Time: Saturday, March 28, 2015; pkl.09.00 – finished

Venue: Room Majapahit (3rd floor), Hospital. Saiful Anwar Malang


Related institutions: Studies Program Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine Faculty of Medicine, UB, UB School of Medicine, and the Indonesian Doctors Association

Secretariat of the Committee

Study Program Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine UB School of Medicine Hospital Dr. Saiful Anwar Malang Jl. J A Soeprapto No. 2 Malang Phone / fax. (0341) 347110 e-mail. parumalang@yahoo.co.id contact person: Rini, Elly