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Written on 10 May 2017 , by ppds.radiologi , in category News

Resident Education Program of Radiology Specialist Doctor (PS-PDS1 Radiology) FKUB attended the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Consulates Radiologist Specialist Indonesia XII organized by Association of Indonesian Radiologist Specialist Doctors (IRS). Activities Held for 3 (three) days (4 – 6 May 2017) at the Royal Ambarukmo hotel Jogjakarta is the theme “Radiology in the Future: We Know, See and Treat “, with the chairman of the committee. Dr.

Bagaswoto Poedjomartono Sp.Rad (K), Sp.Kn, MKes., FICA His remarks he stressed “That by carrying this theme Is expected to improve skills and knowledge in the field. The most up-to-date radiology can be achieved. This meeting is not. Only presents diagnostic imaging and intervention at once Be a source of practice-based and trusted education and The opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge With international class radiologists from the Visting program Professor of RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) “.

The event consists of several activities such as seminars, Workshops, oral presentation competitions and Poster contests that can be followed Participants and residents from all over Indonesia. On this occasion PS PDS Radiology FKUB sends 5 (five) residents and 4 (four) supervisors. These five residents received financing from PS PDS Radiology, besides Attended the fifth seminar of the resident following the E-Poster competition; Dr. M Arss Budi with the title “Vertebro basilar dolichoectasia complicated with Severe obstructive hydrocephalus “, dr. Saiful Anam with the title “Venous Lymphatic malformation as an emergency orbital lesion”, dr.

Febrina entitled “Wunderlich syndrome – giant angiomyolipoma with Pseudo aneurysm “, dr.Andra P entitled” Pulmonary arteriovenous Malformations mimicking lung tumour “, and dr.Vina D Wijaya,”Diagnostics dilemma in small single ring enhancing lesion in the brain : Case report of serial MRI. On this occasion Dr.dr. Yuyun Yueniwati, Mkes, SpRad (K) became speakers at symposium II with Title “Comparison of CT and MRI features in sinus abnormality.”

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