Radiology Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 17 May 2014 , by angga


To become a prominent radiological educational institution with internationally standardized quality.


Becoming a pioneer in education, research and public service in the field of radiology with its high quality and the most current science.


  1. Able to gain academic output of radiology study program in educational field which produces religious, faithful, pious, praiseworthy morals and has sound medical emergency knowledge, competitive in in both local and international scope. 
  2. Able to gain academic output of radiology study program in research and public service fields which produces research and scientific paper in the field of most current radiology to develop science, education and public service that has been its stakeholders.
  3. Able to gain developmental output of organization and Management of radiology study program to produce more autonomous, information and technology-based organization and administration and becomes a radiology educational institution with high national competition.
  4. Able to facilitate institutional developmental as well as educational and research collaboration in regional, national and international scope to accelerate its vision and mission gains.