Urology Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 26 December 2019 , by angga



1.       Scan of Application to the Dean can be made individually or a letter from the Agency

2.       Scan the doctor’s certificate and Scan the Accreditation Certificate (finished 1 pdf file)

3.       Scan the Accreditation Certificate based on the National Higher Education Accreditation Agency (BAN PT) or the Independent Higher Education Health Accreditation Institution (LAM-PTKes) that was in effect at the time the diploma was issued. If at the Doctor’s Diploma there is a description of the Accreditation Value, there is no need to scan the accreditation certificate.

4.       Scan Transcript with a minimum Bachelor of Medical Achievement Index score of 2.50 and a cumulative IP (SKed and Profession) of at least 2.75 for the Faculty of Medicine with A accreditation, while for the Faculty of Medicine with accreditation B must have a minimum Bachelor of Medical Achievement Index value of 2.75 and a minimum Professional Achievement Index 3.00;

5.       Maximum age of 35 years when education starts per July 1 for the July period and January 1 for the January period (the date of birth in accordance with the diploma);

6.       Scan of Study Permit / Learning Task from the Regional Head (Regent, Governor) / Regional Personnel Agency / Secretary for PNS / PTT. Especially TNI / POLRI must have permission from Headquarters and a study assignment warrant from the Directorate General of Defense. Permit from the Agency / Institution for those who work in the Agency;

7.       Scan of Certificate of Liability for Study Funding Sources on stamp duty, can be added to a Scan of Funding Letter from the Sponsor / Scholarship

8.       Scan the recommendation letter from the local IDI stating that he has never committed Malpractice or violation of the medical code of ethics;

9.       Scan STR / evidence of having taken care of STR from the Indonesian Medical Council (STR of General Practitioners not STR Internship);

10.     Scan Certificate of Police Records (SKCK);

11.     Scan UKDI Value Certificate;

12.     Scan the Approval Letter to follow the Specialist Doctor Education Program from Husband / Wife for those who are married or parents for those who are not married.

13.     For PPDS LPDP Scholarships the Ministry of Finance must have carried out debriefing at the admission of new students.

14.     Have a Health Insurance (ASKES) or Indonesia Health Card National Health Insurance (Card Scan).


1.       ATLS Certificate, BSS General Practitioner and seminar and workshop certificates in the field of Urology

2.       For prospective participants who will undergo a test in the Urology Study Program, they only have taken the PPDS test in the Urology Study Program or other Study Programs anywhere in Indonesia.

3.       Include a rejection letter for applicants who have already registered before and have not been received, or a statement has never or never registered PPDS in Urology Study Programs or other Study Programs throughout Indonesia

4.       For prospective female students, include a statement that not pregnant is evidenced by supporting examinations and a statement of ability not to become pregnant in the first year of education.

5.       For Prospective PPDS Participants, Graduates of the S1 Medical Education Study Program who use the Competency Based Curriculum (KBK) please attach a Letter of Completion of Internship (STSI) issued by the Provincial Indonesian Internship Committee (KIDI)


A. Filing

Participants submit or send the registration file to the Secretariat of the scene PPDS I, while files that must be completed are as follows:

  1. Request letter / application addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya
  2. Filling the application form PPDS PPDS I Online via old.fk.ub.ac.id/ppds/online
  3. Doctor diploma and transcripts Overall (IP. Sked, IP, profession, and IP. Cumulative) certified by the educational institution of origin.
  4. Letter of Study Permit / Learning Assignment
  5. Certificate of Source Funding Accountability Study
  6. IDI letter of recommendation from a local who said never commit malpractice or breach of medical ethics
  7. Photocopy of STR / STR evidence has been taking care of KKI
  8. SKCK
  9. Special Requirements in accordance with chosen Study Program.
  10. Registration money Rp. 300.000, – deposited to the account Bank BNI Cabang Malang by the name Rektor UBM S1 Non FK with account number 0039649508 (Copy of proof of payment slip submitted / sent via email / fax to Sekretariat TKP PPDS I FKUB).
  11. Download and Print Form Letters Online petition three times and interchanges with attachments into 3 copies according to the requirements, then delivered or sent to: Dekan Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya Malang, Cq Ketua TKPPPDS I FKUB, Sekretariat Bersama Program Pendidikan Profesi TKPPPDS Jl.Jaksa Agung Suprapto No 2.Telp. (0341) 335222 Fax. (0341) 335199. Email : tkpppds.fk@ub.ac.id

B. Phase I: Study and search of files and administrative requirements

C. Phase II: 1. Academic Potential Test of OTO Bappenas with Value = 500

  1. Mental Health Test (Through Psikotest and / or MMPI)
  2. Verbal Ability Test: = 475 Toefl
  3. Physical Health Test (Not suffering from diseases that endanger themselves or others)

D. Phase III: Write tests and interviews in accordance with the Program option

E. Determination of the file Selection, Phase II and Phase III is based on the results of the meeting which was attended by the Head of Faculty, Director of the RS. Primary education, Chairman & Secretary TKP PPDS, and KPS, SPS and Head of PS PDS I FKUB Laboratory.