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Written on 29 November 2020 , by urologippds , in category Activities, Announcements, News

Urology Specialist Doctor Education Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya as part of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya Malang also has an obligation to carry out the functions of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, one of which is Community Service. Circumcision is a health service that is needed by the community which is included in the scientific scope of Urology. Until now, circumcision services are still included in the health services which are quite expensive so that it is difficult for some Indonesians to reach, especially the people of Malang Raya who are in a middle to lower economic condition. On the other hand, people’s expectations of getting circumcision services are quite high, either for health reasons or for spiritual reasons. Circumcision services provided by health and non-health workers are scattered with various types of techniques offered.

Urology Specialist Doctor Education in collaboration with BAZIS (Badan Amil Zakat and Sodaqoh), FKUB, UB Clinic and Lakesma, held mass circumcision activities as a form of community service. Through this activity we hope to be able to meet the people’s needs for proper health services and according to ideal health standards.
This activity was successfully carried out by using the Health protocol and resulted in performing circumcision on 45 participants from the 51 registered participants. Six other participants were not successfully circumcised because of contra indications (hypospadias) and Eclia reactive tests

Thank you for the help of all parties, from the Study Program, PPDS Partners, the Secretariat and all those involved

See you again in the next activity

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