Urology Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 27 January 2014 , by angga

Increasing number of Indonesian population requires the availability of Urology specialist throughout Indonesia. Until 2013, the number of Urology specialists are about 378 doctors to serve 200 million people in Indonesia. Based on this condition, Departement of Urology Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University/Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang ventured to become a Urology Specialist education center in Indonesia.

Departement of Urology Saiful Anwar General Hospital progress rapidly as urology medical center as well as education center. Urology Service at Saiful Anwar General Hospital started since 1989. In addition, Departement of Urology is also trusted to help to educate urology resident of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital/ Airlangga University Surabaya, by rotary placement of their residents in Dr. Saiful Anwar General Hospital Malang since 1997.

Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University is a medical education center that has a vision of creating qualify doctors and specialists. According to this vision, the development process continues until today, Brawijaya University has 18 Specialization Programs.  There are several reason to implement Urology specialist Education center in the Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University:

1. To Increase the number of Urology specialists in Indonesia.

2. Availability of resources, include teaching staffs, facilities, and infrastructures that can support the educational goals of Urology Study Program.

3. Availability of facilities of research in the fields of biomechanics, bioengineering and biomolecular.