Urology Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 11 March 2015 , by dini

Task and Function

Department of Urology Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University has task:

1. To produce qualified urologists graduates in terms of cognitive,  affective and psychomotor and able to provide the best service to the community and have the professionalism to be able to compete in national and international scale.

2. Provide a real contribution to the development of Research and Community Service in the field of Urology & Health Sciences to be used for the development of science.

Work Program

  1. Improved teaching staff and support staff recruitment; by lifting the permanent lecturers (5) and part-time lecturers (5).
  2. Improving the ability of information systems to support the activities of the Faculty and University Programs and be  executed with the use of medical record application in the website : www.urologimalang.com
  3. Improve self-learning ability of the students by providing library facilities both in the SMF and prostate discussion room.
  4. Increase the communication forum, coordination, information, and education by symposium or workshop to increase the commitment of the teaching staff;
  5. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of the Program by upgrading existing staff and the addition of 4 new staff until 2016.
  6. Increase the number and competence of lecturers and be able to produce graduates in accordance with the demands and needs of the community;
  7. Improving the quality and relevance of the process and outcomes of education, research and community service based on quality to match and meet the needs of society;
  8. Improving the quality of internal management, including the management of academic, administrative, and financial components including facilities, infrastructure and human resources to achieve optimal performance and work ethic;
  9. Encourage and facilitate the academic staff to develop knowledge and expertise in tune with developments of science and technology of health and medicine;
  10. Encourage and facilitate the academic staff in technology to improve the ability of health education and modern medicine;

Improve the skills lab in the SMF and hospitals to improve the ability of learners.