Urology Specialist

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis FKUB
Written on 31 August 2018 , by angga
  • Vision
  • Become the leading center the of urology specialist education, international standardized with entrepreneurship spirit at 2021
  • Mission

In order to achieve the visions, Department of Urology has several missions such as:

  1.  Increase number and quality of urologists who are competent and have international competitiveness.
  2.  Develop and increase capability of urologist to solve urological problem by performing relevant research.
  3.  Improve the urologist capability to educate medical staff and community.
  4.  Perform education, research, and community service in field of urology to improve level of health society.
  • Objectives

The objectives of urology specialist program are to produce urologists who able to:

  1. Creating urology specialists doctors who uphold the Indonesian Medical Ethics in implementing the duties of the professional urology profession, entrepreneurial spirit and international competitiveness.
  2. Creating urology specialists doctors who have knowledge and expertise and able to develop their knowledge to overcome urological problems that are appropiate with the demands of society and follow the latest advancment in urology.
  3. Creating urology specialists doctors who are able to carry out research and community service based on the latest technology for the advancement of urology so it can benefit fot the medical world and society.
  4. Creating urology specialists doctors who are able to carry out promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative actions in the urology and can improve the level of public health.


  • Motto

Entuthiastic, Up to date, Leading and always developing

  • Service Announcement

Urology Specialist Program  of Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya has committment to implement integrated work system to provide best service for achieving patient’s satisfaction in field of urology service.

Source: SK No. 10A tahun 2018