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Written on 5 December 2020 , by urologippds , in category Activities, Announcements, News

Urology Specialist Medical Education Study Program Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya held an Online Seminar for General Practitioners: “Non-Traumatic Urological Emergencies” as a manifestation of efforts to increase the knowledge and expertise of general practitioners in the field of emergencies, especially urology. Through this activity it is expected to add information in the learning process as well as management in dealing with emergency patients.
The Urology Study Program as part of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya Malang has an obligation to carry out the functions of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, one of which is education and teaching. The online seminar on “Non-Traumatic Urological Emergencies” is an important educational and teaching activity as a learning medium, especially in the current digital era and is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Refreshment of good knowledge for general practitioners to be applied in their daily work, who in fact work in the Emergency Unit and will face a variety of cases, this seminar will focus on cases of “Non-Trauma Urological Emergencies” which can be encountered by general practitioners while working. . The procedure for diagnosis and therapy will be discussed so that the performance of general practitioners will improve and be ready to face urological emergency patients.

Activities will be carried out on:

Day, date: Saturday, December 5, 2020

Place: Vesika and Prostata Room

Media: Zoom Meeting and Live Youtube


General Practitioner Online Seminar: “Non-Traumatic Urology Emergency” was held on Saturday, December 5, 2020. The activity was carried out online with the speaker, Dr. dr. Besut Daryanto, Sp.B, Sp.U (K), dr. Pradana Nurhadi, Sp.U (K), dr. Andri Kustono, Sp.U and dr. Ryan Akhmad Adhi Saputra, Sp.U. The event was attended by 600 participants, divided by 500 participants via Zoom Meeting and 100 participants via Live Youtube.

In this event, participants were given various materials related to emergencies in the field of non-trauma Urology. Participants were also given a pretest and posttest before and after the material. From these results, it shows significant results where the mean pretest is 75.42 and the mean posttest is 90.06. The event took place communicatively and with high enthusiasm from the participants.

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