Student Organizations


Students are students who are still actively registered in one of the study programs in the Medical faculty of Brawijaya University. In relation to performance achievements in performance indicators, both based on performance contracts and simkatmawa, priority is given to undergraduate (S1) and Professional students as a continuation of the S1 undergraduate level, especially for co-curricular and extracurricular activities based on soft skills services that are fully facilitated by the faculty through the FKUB student affairs field. Students at the Postgraduate Education (S2 and S3), Professional and Specialist 1 (Sp.1) levels are facilitated in collaboration with related Study Programs.

Student organizations in Medical faculty of Brawijaya University have functions such as :

  1. Faculty-level student representatives to accommodate and channel student aspirations, establish the outlines of student programs and activities
  2. Implementation of student activities
  3. Communication between students
  4. Development of students’ identity potential as academic, prospective scientists and intellectuals who are useful in the future;
  5. Development of student organizational, management and leadership skills training;
  6. Development and development of national cadres who have the potential to continue the sustainability of national development;
  7. To maintain and develop science and technology based on religious, academic, ethical, moral, and national norms.
  8. Accommodating and meeting the needs for the development of reasoning and science, interests and hobbies, welfare, and community service.