At A Glance

Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (FKUB) which started from a private medical school, namely the Malang Medical College (STKM) which was established on September 14, 1963, until now (2021) 6 Departments with 33 study programs (PS) at the Bachelor and Professional (10 PS), S2 and S3 (5 PS) and specialist (18 PS) levels. In 2022, there will be 4 majors with 28 study programs (PS) at the Bachelor and Professional (6 PS), S2 and S3 (3 PS) and specialist (18 PS) levels. FKUB management is carried out based on the Long-Term Development Plan (RPJP), Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJM) as outlined in the Business Plan and Budget (RBA) as an annual plan in the internal quality assurance mechanism managed by the Quality Assurance Center (PJM), Cluster (GJM) and Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) in Faculties and Departments. The governance is regulated in UB’s Organizational Structure and Governance (SOTK) policy with a control mechanism in the Government Agency Performance Accountability System (SAKIP) to realize Good University Governance (GUG) so that 24 study programs have been accredited superior and 9 study programs are accredited B.

The implementation of FKUB is supported by 315 educators with 31% LK / GB, 60% Sp2 or S3, 156 education staff with at least diploma to S2 education to graduate 5378 professions in the fields of medicine and health, post-graduate, and specialists. Educators in the PKR Specialist Education Program have fulfilled competencies and gained recognition in their scientific fields.

PS PDS PKR is one of the study programs in the Specialist Department. In 1989, the Department / SMF of Pulmonary Medicine was formed with the first Head of Department / SMF was Dr.dr.Abiyoso Suyoso, SpP (K).

In January 1998, the Faculty of Medicine through the Department / SMF of Pulmonary Disease FKUB – RSSA has been able to organize a full Lung Disease Specialist Study Program. Then on July 30, 1998, DIKTI issued a Decree regarding the Establishment of the Lung Disease Specialist I Study Program FKUB, so that July 30, 1998 was declared as the date of establishment of the Lung Disease Study Program – FKUB.