Vision, Mission, and Goal

Vission of Pulmonology Department :


  1. To become a superior university that has international standards and is able to play an active role in nation building through the process of education, research and community service.
  2. To become a leading medical and health educational institution of international standard and an entrepreneurial spirit to improve the quality of life of the community
  3. To become a leading and international standard medical professional education study program for doctors specializing in Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine by 2030.

Mission of Pulmonology Department :

  1. Providing education through quality-oriented organizational and management management by prioritizing accountability and national and international accreditation standards
  2. Organizing education supported by the development of biomedical knowledge-based research so as to improve health services in the fields of pulmonology and respiratory medicine
  3. Building a network of partnerships with various educational institutions and government and private hospitals in Indonesia and abroad in educational activities, research and health services to the community.