Internal & External Audit Result


  1. Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, and Achievement Strategies:The vision, mission and objectives of the study program are quite clear, realistic and there is a relationship between the targets of the study program and stakeholders. The clarification of the leading and international standard of intent in 2030 has been explained. The elaboration of strategic steps to achieve the objectives of the Study Program needs adjustments to linearity with the achievement strategy of the Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University

2. Governance, Leadership, Management System, and Quality Assurance:

Clarified, all elements of civil service governance ensure the implementation of universities that meet the five aspects of civil service. Performance targets for lecturers and employees should be more reliable and continuous quality assurance should be maintained.

3. The recruitment process for participants of the Specialist Medical Education Program should follow existing regulations, especially Perkonsil 21/2014 which requires a recommendation from the collegium of Pulmonology after acceptance is determined by the Head of the Study Program. Acceptance of participants should be in accordance with the ratio of student lecturers. It is necessary to increase the number of graduates on time in addition to good grades.

4. Human Resources :

It is necessary to improve the quantity and quality of human resources so that the ratio of student lecturers is balanced and knowledge development can be immediately carried out in the division.

The full results of internal and external audits can be downloaded at the following link

Audit Internal dan Eksternal