Duty & Function


Anatomical Pathology Medical Specialist Study Program has the task to produce competent graduates in the field of Anatomical Pathology. The learning outcomes of the Anatomical Pathology Study Program are subject-specific, covering aspects of knowledge along with attitudes, also general and specific skills, which are formulated based on National Standard on Higher Education (SN DIKTI) and Indonesian Qualification Framewrok (IQF/KKNI) descriptors according to the following levels :

Competency 1 : Noble ethics and professionalism in the field of Anatomical Pathology

Able to carry out the practice of Anatomical Pathology professionally and ethically in accordance with the values ​​and principles of upholding scientific truth based on the highest science.

Competency 2 : Self-awareness and self-development by means of lifelong learning

Able to carry out the practice of Anatomical Pathology by being aware of limitations, overcoming personal problems, constantly developing oneself, participating in medical knowledge continuing education, being a human learner from various working environments and developing knowledge for the achievement of the highest scientific evidence in diagnostic process.

Competency 3 : Effective communication and ability to cooperate

Able to communicate well and cooperate with various parties to collect, discuss, and deliver information related to diagnosis, career, profession, hospital management and so forth in an appropriate, polite, and careful manner in behalf of harmonious collaboration.

Competency 4 : Research, information management and evidence-based medicine in the field of Anatomical Pathology

Able to implement critical thinking in identifying problems as well as obtaining, sorting and analyzing information to solve health/medical problems, especially in the field of Anatomical Pathology.

Competency 5 : Scientific basis of medical science and Anatomical Pathology Laboratory

Able to integrate and apply knowledge in the field of basic biomedical science, clinical medical science and medical laboratory science to perform daily practice in the field of Anatomical Pathology.

Competency 6 : Clinical skills in the field of Anatomical Pathology

Able to perform as a medical consultant for clinical partners (be the doctor’s doctor) in order to provide comprehensive patient care for the establishment of a complete diagnosis.

Competency 7 : Management of health problems

Able to actively participate in multidisciplinary teams to discuss health problems and find solutions regarding various health problems.



Anatomical Pathology Study Program FMUB has its functions to produce Anatomical Pathology Specialist who have academic abilities and scientific ethics in accordance with the standard competency, uphold medical and professional ethics, are qualified as professionals in clinical problem solving and are able to consistently improve and develop their knowledge.