Scientific Vision, Mission, and Goals

Scientific Vision
Become a scientific center for reforming Anatomic Pathology with COMPREHENSIVE PATHOLOGY DIAGNOSTIC excellence that promotes intra- and inter-professional cooperation, based on culture and nationalism, based on Pancasila, with international standards to improve the quality of life of the community

To achieve its vision, the FKUB Anatomic Pathology study program sets the following missions:
1. Organizing quality education and being able to produce graduates who believe in and fear God Almighty, have noble morals and character, are independent, professional and innovative.
2. Develop up-to-date and quality education, research and community service in the field of Anatomic Pathology based on noble local wisdom values to support the improvement of the community’s quality of life.
3. Organizing superior, fair and sustainable PS PDS PA Governance.

Each mission has a goal which is a guide for the direction of implementing the vision and mission, namely:
1. Achievement in the implementation of educational activities to produce graduates of Anatomical Pathology Specialists who have professionalism, integrity, scientific ethics, and quality academic abilities.
2. Achievement of the results of conducting research and community service in the form of research, scientific work, and services in the field of Anatomical Pathology which are useful in developing science, public education, and meeting public health needs.
3. Achievement of credible, transparent, accountable and fair results of organizational development and management of the Anatomical Pathology study program, in the form of information technology-based governance.
4. Achievement of cooperation in the fields of education, research and community service
intra and interprofessional.
Degree awarded
Anatomic Pathology Specialist (Sp.PA)

Components of Scientific Vision Definition and Meaning
Reformer PS PDS PA  Following and  active role in the latest development of knowledge and skills in the field of Anatomic Pathology
Comprehensive Pathological Diagnosis PS PDS PA develop determination of Pathology diagnosis including early detection, diagnosis by correlating clinical data of Anatomical Pathology and Radiology / other support supported by Molecular Pathology examination through the Clinicopathological Conference.
Intra and interprofessional cooperation PS PDS PA Having a collaborative network with specialists in Anatomic Pathology from various PA education centers and other specialist doctors.
Culture based PS PDS PA always uphold the character as a nation of Indonesia, maintain morals and unity
International standard PS PDS PA strive for the best education and always follow international standards in the field of Anatomic Pathology